Cooking over an outdoor fire, sharing great food and being with family and friends… An American tradition. 

The aroma of your meat sizzling over woods like Hickory, Alder or Hazelnut Blend is incomparable – and serving up amazing food makes you the barbecue champ.



Authentic barbecue and grilling

Whether you are an occasional Backyard Griller, or a Cook-Off ChampionYou are the master BBQ Chef with a MAK Grill

  • Amazing real wood smoked taste
  • Versatile grill and smoker built to last in the USA that can replace your other grills
  • Easy and consistent results with no more burned or overcooked food

I have owned 5 of the most popular name brand smokers. Not one of them compares to the MAK.  The Pellet Boss digital controller is by far the best  on the market.  The first time I did ribs on the MAK, my wife Jan said “these are the best you have ever done”.  She said exactly the same thing the first time I did pork butts on it.  It is absolutely foolproof.  I’ll never be without a MAK.

Larry Rudolph, KY.

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  • The MAK Grill FlameZone cooks your food in minutes.  There’s no need to buy another grill just to get those nice seared grill marks.
  • Key components are 304 stainless steel – no more rusting!
  • American made with quality American parts – not made in China.
  • Change wood flavors quickly with the pellet dump door– no need to dig out pellets with your hands.
  • The pellet hopper holds enough fuel for slow barbecuing or smoking for 20+ hours, and keeps pellets from getting stuck, so you don’t have to to worry that your fire will go out.
  • The rolled lid design is safer and lets you cook taller items – no burns when trying to access your food! Also provides room to add a second rack, doubling your cooking surface.
  • The special ash clean out door makes cleaning easy – no more mess.
  • The 2 Star General’s warming box keeps food hot. You can also use it to cold smoke foods – try smoking cheese for a real treat! Only available with a MAK Grill.

Getting consistent results you can be proud of means you need to be able to control the cooking environment and not risk cooking by chance. That’s why a wood pellet grill is the choice for serious barbecue enthusiasts. You get a combination smoker grill and barbecue grill to give you great smoked barbecue taste. But not just any pellet grill will do – a MAK Grill gives you the best taste, convenience, quality, and extra features, with consistent results every time.

There’s so much more.

The quick lighting system takes just a press of a button. Now You’re Smokin’!

With the PELLET BOSS digital temperature controller, you have complete control of your cooking.


When you choose the award-winning MAK Grill, you’ll be the master barbecue chef and the hit of the party.

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