What’s The FlameZone™ All About?

The FlameZone is one of the special features inside the MAK 2, 3 and 4 Star Grills (it’s an optional accessory for the 1 Star Grill). Uncovered, the FlameZone allows you to expertly sear steaks, chops and burgers, exposing the meat to intense heat. We spent months developing the FlameZone so that it would produce perfect results every time it’s used.  You can uncover all or part of the FlameZone to accomodate the amount of meat you are grilling. Additionally, we made one of the FlameZone covers wide and the other narrow, to give you the most amount of flexibility in using this feature.

When you want to cook indirectly, just put the covers over the top surface of the FlameZone. Doing so redirects the heat and smoke inside the cooking chamber, allowing you to hot smoke, barbecue, roast or bake in your MAK.  The FlameZone and Quick Change Grease Pan system is constructed from 14 gauge Marine Grade stainless steel for years of trouble-free cooking.


FlameZone uncovered for grilling.


FlameZone covered for indirect cooking.