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From “Low ‘N Slow” to “Hot ‘N Fast”, The Choice Is Yours!

Newly upgraded to substantially increase the top end cooking temperatures in the grill, and provide more even cooking temperatures across the cooking area. 

Fits: 1 Star Grills (SN 1092+) and every 2 Star.  Free Shipping included.

Low ‘N Slow Or Hot ‘N Fast, The Choice Is Yours!

The FlameZone®  is one of the most popular and used features found in our 2 and 3 Star Grills. We spent months developing the FlameZone so that it produces perfect results every time it’s used. The FlameZone® and Quick Change Grease Pan system are made of 14 gauge Marine grade stainless steel so it will last for decades, rather than just a few years.

We re-designed the FlameZone® to incorporate a funnel which forces more hot air from the fire-pot upwards to the cooking grate level. This substantially increases the top end cooking temperatures in the grill.

This new system helps the MAK 2 Star achieve hotter cooking temperatures more quickly. It also reduces heat recovery time whenever the grill lid is opened.

Using The FlameZone® To Cook Hot ‘N Fast

By removing one or both of the stainless steel covers on the FlameZone® the specially designed ports channel intense heat directly under the food on the cooking grates, so you can grill hot and fast.

Using The FlameZone® To Cook Low ‘N Slow

Whenever you want to cook indirectly, you would place the stainless steel covers over the top surface of the FlameZone®. The heat and smoke are re=directed inside the cooking chamber so that it surrounds the food on the cooking grates. This set up is used  to hot smoke, barbecue, roast or bake in your MAK.