Remote Boss


Wireless Grilling In The Palm Of Your Hand!

The Remote Boss™ utilizes Bluetooth wireless connectivity which allows you to  control  of every function of the Pellet Boss®   digital controller. The Remote Boss™ has an effective range of  up to three hundred feet away from the grill.

With touch-pad precision, MAK Grill  owners can set and  monitor each of the individual functions of the Pellet Boss® digital control. Change cooking temperatures, start or stop the elapsed time and count-down timers, program each of the meat probes for a specific temperature alert, or change the user cooking programs . You can also turn alarms on or off and lock in a particular function screen for constant monitoring.

No other grill manufacturer offers anything like the feature-packed Remote Boss. Imagine being able to operate your  MAK Grill without having to stand in front of it. The Remote Boss elevates the level of customer convenience. It’s grill control in the palm of your hand!