Quick Change Grease Pan System

Look inside most pellet grills, and you’ll see up to a one inch gap between the barbecue body and the grease pan. Guess what happens to all the meat drippings and grease when meat is placed on the cooking grids past the lip of the grease pan?  It winds up in the bottom of the grill.   We saw this situation as a real opportunity to solve, which led to our Quick Change Grease Pan System™.  No other pellet grill has anything like it.

There are three parts to the  Quick Change Grease Pan System™



1) Covers. There are 2 covers that are part of the Quick Change Grease Pan System. One narrow and one wide.  When you want to cook indirectly or low ‘n slow, you place the stainless steel covers over the raised portions of the FlameZone. The covers redirect heat and smoke through the Grease Tray ports, allowing you to smoke, barbecue, roast or bake.

2) FlameZone Pan. This pan is placed on top of the center lip section of the Grease Tray. When you want to grill foods hot ‘n fast, you uncover the FlameZone to allow direct, intense heat to cook food.

3) Grease Tray. The tray sits on a recessed lip which runs around the permemeter of the barbecue body. On the right hand side of the tray is a lip, which allows grease and meat drippings to flow into a grease chute and into a stainless steel catch bucket or grease drawer.