How It Works

We Designed the MAK to be the Best Smoker-Grill Available 
The great tasting food you get from cooking on  a MAK does not happen by accident. We spent months testing many different grill designs and configurations. We cooked food on each grill and made notes as to what worked and what didn’t. We studied grills from other manufacturers and made note of what we could improve with our grills. Because we love to eat BBQ, we were determined to build the best grill,barbecue and smoker possible.

The MAK GRILL is not the cheapest pellet grill on the market. However,it will give you the BEST barbecue experience possible. We’ve engineered our grills to provide a lifetime of cooking pleasure and eating enjoyment. This is a grill you’ll be able to pass down through your family for generations.

Wood Pellet Fired 

The first thing we decided was that our grill needed to be wood fired. We wanted that great hardwood smoke taste using real woods like Hickory, Apple, Alder, Maple, and Mesquite. In the past, using real wood could be inconvenient, so we also knew we needed a design that was easy to use with minimal clean-up.

Reliable and Automatic Wood Pellet Feeding

We settled on a wood, pellet system that uses a revolving screw called an auger to deliver the pellets to the flame. An electric motor turns the auger which means the wood can be delivered to the fire at an adjustable rate. This allows you to more accurately control cooking temperatures. Lower temperature settings will produce more smoke.

We designed our pellet hopper with tapered sides so that pellets feed into the auger without sticking. With other grills, the pellets sometimes get stuck so we designed ours to feed reliably. The 20 lbs capacity allows you to smoke your food for an extended period of time without having to add more wood pellets.

The fire is automatically ignited. Just turn-on the grill, select your desired cooking temperature,and the PELLET BOSS®, does the rest!

How to Cook on a MAK GRILL
It’s easy to cook tasty foods that your friends and family will love:

  1. Pour wood pellets into the hopper. You can leave the pellets in the hopper if you use the grill regularly.
  2. Turn it on, set the cooking temperature you want, In minutes the grill will be at the desired temperature.
  3. Put your food on the large grill surface.
  4. If you are cooking something small like a steak, set the grill to a desired temp (like 400) and cook over the Flame Zone™ until the meat reaches the desired internal temperature (approx 15 minutes for rare, 20 minutes for medium, 25 minutes for well done).

At lower temperatures (275 degrees or less), there is no need to turn the food. The heat is indirect and is very much like a convection oven. Your food will stay moist. It’s difficult to over cook food on a MAK GRILL. We recommend that you use the meat probe to monitor the internal temperature of the food so you’ll know when it is done.
  5. There is also a cold smoker box for smoking cheeses, nuts, fish or other items where heat would damage the food.
  6. When your food is cooked to perfection, remove it from the grill and turn off the grill. Clean the grate when the grill has cooled.

Exclusive Flame Zone™ Gives You Steakhouse Results!
Before the MAK GRILL was invented, pellet grill owners complained that you needed to buy an additional grill for cooking great steaks, burgers or chops. Not with the MAK GRILL. The exclusive Flame Zone™ cooks steaks, chops, burgers, perfection in minutes!

With the MAK GRILL,you get the best of both worlds. You can enjoy slow cooking using indirect heat or rapid results using the FlameZone™. Our grill can also be used to fry your favorite foods. The tall top covers the large surface for baking or smoking.

Easy to Clean
One of our goals was to make a low maintenance grill.  With many pellet grills, it’s hard to clean out the pellet ash.  With the MAK GRILL, just open the clean-out door and sweep the small amount of ash into a bucket for disposal.  The same thought is behind our removable firepot, which allows you to dump out the pellet ash simply by pulling a pin and sliding out the firepot. The rest of the grill is easy to access for the times when you want to clean the interior.