Quality American Craftsmanship

MAK  reflects the pride that comes from designing and manufacturing high-quality grills and accessories that will last a lifetime. When you purchase a MAK GRILL, you’re showing support for American-based manufacturing jobs. We diligently support local companies and workers by purchasing American-made materials and components. In July 2013, we were inducted into the Made In America Hall of Fame. We are “Proud To Be American Made!”

Pellet Boss Digital Control 

The Pellet Boss ® represents the most advanced digital control system available. More than 15 different functions allow you to adjust cooking temperatures in five degree increments from smoke (170), 200-450 and High (450+) degrees. Use the built-in timers, meat probes or customize any of the three cooking programs for effortless, fool-proof results every time you fire-up your MAK . There’s a lot of functionality built into the Pellet Boss, which is standard equipment on our grills.

Remote Control Capable

Only MAK GRILLS offers you total remote wireless control of your grill with our exclusive Remote Boss™.  Change and monitor grill functions from up to 300 feet away! It’s a feature you’ll only find from MAK GRILLS!

With MAK Grills Mobile ™, you can use the Internet to operate and monitor your MAK Grill. Our Wi-Fi based operation system works with your wireless router to give you exceptional grill control.

Safe Electronics Placement

All motors, fans, electrical components on MAK GRILLS are enclosed to minimize exposure to the elements, and maximize safety.  If you ever have to replace any component, we’ve made it easy for you! When you remove the access panel  all of the major components are within easy reach for trouble-shooting and replacement. All components are labeled  for quick identification.

Removable Stainless Steel Firepot

Our firepot is made from long-lasting, rust-proof stainless steel. To clean,  simply pull the pin, slide out the firepot, clean it and then replace it. It’s just that easy.

Variable Speed Fan

In order to achieve and maintain the proper cooking temperatures inside MAK Grills, we incorporate the use of a tube-axial variable speed fan. The fan is able to ramp up or down to match the cooking temperature you’ve selected. This insures providing just the right amount of  airflow to march your desired cooking temperature. Other brands of pellet grills only use a one speed fan which cannot change speed to match the cooking temperature.

Auger Feed System

Our controlled auger feed system technology produces perfect smoke flavor and consistent cooking temperatures everytime.

Large Capacity, Tapered Pellet Hopper

MAK Grill pellet hoppers are large enough to hold an entire 20 pound bag of pellets. The tapered sides ensure that pellets will feed into the auger tube instead of getting stuck, causing your fire to go out.

Quick Lighting Ignition System

Our automatic ignition system comes on whenever you turn on your grill.  Our HD  igniter  is practically bullet-proof, and is  EXCLUSIVE to our grills. We’ve continually worked to develop one of the most reliable pellet grill igniters available. The quick acting igniter lights your pellets in just minutes!

Stainless Steel Components

Every part of the MAK Grill  has been purposely thought-out, right down to the stainless steel cooking grids, drip pans, handles, firepot, and grease bucket. They’re all easy to clean  with minimal effort, and will  look great for years to come.

Thermocouple For Better Temperature Control

Located inside the cooking chamber, the Thermocouple monitors the grill’s temperature.  Thermocouples are much more accurate than RTDs, and help to ensure that your MAK is cooking accurately at the temperature you’ve selected. This is the same type of temperature monitoring device used both in science and industry which require accurate temperature measurement.